Care instructions


Wood is a natural product that can absorb and release moisture. The optimum relative humidity is between 40% and 60%. Furniture made of solid wood should be exposed to an ideal indoor air humidity and as little as possible room air fluctuations in order to avoid possible warp or cracks.


In general, it is also known that new solid wood furniture can smell a few weeks, which, however, volatilizes with the use. The material-specific odor intensity is influenced by boundary conditions such as indoor climate, temperature and humidity fluctuation, ventilation behavior, etc. and is regarded as harmless. The solid wood products are pure natural products and always emanate a typical odor.


Oiled surfaces are designed on the basis of natural raw materials and thus completely free of pollutants. Therefore, the solid wood also has a pleasant value in addition to the distinctive look. A care of the solid wood furniture is recommended, with oiled surfaces, it is also required.


The natural beauty and silky sheen of oiled surfaces can be kept for years with regular cleansing and grooming. For this permanent and regular care, use our universal aftercare care set based on natural and odorless oils. A more detailed explanation and description is included in the leaflet.



The grinding must be carried out in the direction of the slats

Step 1


Schleifpapier Grind damaged area with sandpaper

Step 1

Step 2

Apply oil

Öl auftragen Apply oil to a soft sponge

Step 3

Rub oil

Öl auftragen Rub oil on the sanded area

Step 3

Step 4

Let it dry for 1 minute

1 Minute trocknen lassen

Step 5

Wipe off

AbwischenWipe off with a dry cloth

Step 5